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Locate, Monitor and Manage your BLE beacons automatically with Fathom
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Introducing Fathom

Fathom is a proximity management solution that brings unparalleled control, intelligence and context integrity to large deployments of Bluetooth proximity devices.

Fathom’s patent-pending ability to locate and monitor itself and any beacon or BLE device in its vicinity includes the ability to report on their location and status, revolutionizing how you manage your proximity network.

Our self-locating Fathom Hub transforms stand-alone beacons into a managed proximity network. Now you can efficiently manage beacon deployments, track assets, get alerts if beacons move and get access to data that enables valuable analytics.

Locate, Monitor, Manage

Fathom Hub works with your existing beacon infrastructure because we are beacon independent. Our technology maximizes your investment, adding value to existing deployments with an intuitive remote management and alerting system.

Once a Fathom Hub has self-located its position it can then locate any beacon or BLE device in the area, automating the monitoring of beacon performance and ensuring location integrity. Additionally, the Hub renders passive BLE data that can inform your analytics system with site-specific data on devices, timeframes and frequency of visits.


Fathom is designed to free you from the headaches and challenges of manually monitoring your beacon infrastructure. With deployments in retail, healthcare and logistics we’re confident our product family will deliver results.

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